Iguanodon #1:

This Iguanodon was mounted in a larger frame and going back to the black, white, and grey theme from my first triceratops. I am really liking how the larger frames support the carvings.

Frame Size: 8in x 10in


This piece was made as a special supersized tribute to Dinosaur Ridge in Morrison, CO. The Allosaurus skull in the middle is a MASSIVE 8in x 10in. It is set to be part of their annual fundraiser in October of 2014!

Frame Size: 16in x 20in

Apatosaur #1:

This apatosaur has a slightly beveled look to the edge and you can clearly see the multiple layers of rock. Matted to a darker patterned background in a gray wood frame he REALLY stands out!

Frame Size: 5in x 7in

T-rex #2:

This T-rex is the same size as my first one, just in a bigger frame! The extra space gives the old girl a more open feel and mounting her on pegs rather than with wire gives her more depth. This is getting fun!

Frame Size: 8in x 10in

Great White #2:

I've been trying to do something fun with the great white shapes. I REALLY like the fish in this guy! He was also given a unique negative space background and presented forward. The fish in this piece comes from a layer of rock 52 mya!

Frame Size: 5in x 7in

Great White #1:

This ocean terror is mounted alongside various fossilized sharks teeth found in the Peace River in Central Florida. This piece would appeal to a range of interests!

Frame Size: 5in x 7in

Triceratops #1:

This display is done in darker tones to highlight the carving. If you compare this to the one above you will see clearly that not all carvings are identical, they each have a unique touch!

Frame Size: 5in x 7in

T-rex #1:

This guy was my first attempt at carving stone, so naturally he is not for sale. I promise though there are more of this highly desirable pattern in the works!

Frame Size: 5in x 7in

Triceratops #2:

This is my second Triceratops carving and he is just wonderful. Everyone is sure to love the white and purple contrast.

Frame Size: 5in x 7in

Welcome all to the artwork tab! This tab was added so that everyone can see some of my artwork. If you have any questions about the pieces, or would like to purchase one, please use the contact page to get ahold of me.

These pieces are all individually hand-carved by me. They are carved from rock from Kemmerer, WY and ted in high quality shadow boxes for protection and display. Some art pieces may contain fossil fish, or fossils from other locales, all fossils are legally collected on private lands.

The average time put into each piece from design to carving to mounting is about 8-15 hours. I hope you enjoy them and once again, if there is a certain shape you would like to see or for more information on purchasing an original work please feel free to contact me.


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Iguanodon #2:

This iguanodon is pretty thin, giving me lots of room to mount him forward. He stands out so far on him plum background you can even see his shadow!

Frame Size: 5in x 7in

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